Not the best run…to put it mildly

18 May

Three miles was supposed to be easy. It wasn’t. I’ve been doing 3 miles for months, why was it so hard? Maybe because I thought it was supposed to be easy, I took off too fast. Or, God’s looking down at me saying, “Show off. Don’t forget me.” I admit it, I forgot Him. I took off, thinking ‘I’ve got this. I can do this one, no problem.’ I whistled for the dog, and ran like a bat out of…well, you get the point. Isn’t this supposed to be easy? I know, it takes a lot of muscle work, but I looks like all you have to do is put one foot in front of the other and go. Why do I have to think so hard? Such as: How to breathe so that I’m not collapsed on the ground in a side cramp. How to keep relaxed to prevent injury. How to pace yourself so that you go as quickly as you can, but not too fast so that you burn out.

All this new information is making me scared that I’m not going to be ready in time to be able to do this for…WHAT WAS IT?!…26.2 MILES?!!! How am I going to have all this figured out by then? I think I need to go find my quiet place with my prayers, and have God give me the confidence, because clearly I doesn’t come from me.

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