Kicked off and ready to run…IN THE RAIN?!

12 May

Yesterday we had the kick off party for Team in Training. I was in tears with the stories of those struggling to beat blood cancers. It’s motivating, though to have those stories in my brain. I don’t think I would be out there training for a marathon if it was just for myself. It really helps having the inspiration of those that are trying to live a normal life, but can’t because of cancer. Those stories help me keep inspired. There was a photo of a jersey that said, “If you think a marathon is hard, try chemo.” What struggles do I really have? It’s a good to bring yourself into a new perspective once in a while. It helps keep yourself from getting too wrapped up in yourself.

But, my reality is much easier than those fighting cancer. And, my reality is pouring from the sky in a steady soaking rain. I remember last year, chuckling…all right, all right…down right laughing (I admit it)… at my husband when he was lacing up the shoes to go run in the rain. My pep talk was laced with “he he he…have fun SUCKER!” God was watching me those days. And you know what?! IT’S RAINING. And today is day 1 of our training. We only need to run 2 miles today, but I know that I deserve a lot worse than this.

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