29 Jan

I believe that you can put different things in perspective at different times. Today God gave me the opportunity to put in perspective my love for humanity. My love for my friends.

One of my friends got injured today. I saw it happen and without hesitation sprang into action, just like any human being would do (or so I hope). We got her up and moving, iced up, and bandaged. She’ll be just fine, but the thoughts of what could have happened plague me the most. God protected her today, for which I sing His praises! So, why do these fears of what could have happened keep spilling into my brain? This happens to everyone, I know, but WHY?! My prayers tonight will be about peace and healing.

Please Lord, wrap your healing hands around my friend as she heals from her injury. Lord, give my brain peace as I try to come to grips with my fears. And, Lord, place your healing hands on all that are sick and trying so desperately to heal. Amen

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Posted by on January 29, 2011 in Marathon 2011


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