Well said, now what?

25 Jan

And yet, as contentious and frustrating and messy as our democracy can sometimes be, I know there isn’t a person here who would trade places with any other nation on Earth. We may have differences in policy, but we all believe in the rights enshrined in our Constitution. We may have different opinions, but we believe in the same promise that says this is a place where you can make it if you try. We may have different backgrounds, but we believe in the same dream that says this is a country where anything’s possible.
President Obama, State of the Union Address, January 25, 2011

Well said President Obama. Now what?

I don’t agree with most of President Obama’s policies, and I get pretty worked up when I hear what he’s pushing for next. But, I’d have to hand it to our Commander In Chief, he made a great speech. I hope that he can make good on some of his verbal rhetoric. But, honestly, some of his plans scare me.

Regardless of my political position, he’s our president, he’s working hard, trying hard, and loves our country. Most of all, God put him here for a reason, and he deserves my respect, and prayers.

On the other hand, nothing says that I have to be complacent about his policies.

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