I’m Listening

23 Jan

Pastor Rick had a great metaphor that he used at church today. I have tweaked it a bit to fit into my life, but it got me thinking. Really thinking.

I'm listening

Scene 1: You’re one of millions of people today watching the Packers vs. the Bears. You cheer with the masses when they do something good (as if you had anything to do with it) and shout frustrations when they do something bad (as if you could have done better). Your focus during that time is on trying to stare so vehemently at the TV that the players can feel your mental instruction through the network.

I'm listening!

Scene 2: Parent & Me Gymnastics class. You’re one of 6 parents with their preschool-aged-child. The coach shows what the kids need to try, and you step right up, encouraging, praising, helping, and even doing the exercises with them. When they are scared to do something, you do it first, and hold their hand the entire way, over and over and over again, until they tell you, “By myself mommy/daddy.” At no time do you look around wondering who is watching, but are focused the entire time on your child, the most important thing to you during that 1/2 hour.

Which one are you when it comes to helping people with their spiritual journey? Which one is your church? What do you want to be, and if you are honest enough with yourself, which one are you more often than not? I leave you to answer those questions to yourself, as I am with myself.

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