On Being in the Spotlight

16 Jan

I'm learning to walk into the light

Entertainer reads the “Stage door enquiries” sign in a JCW theatre, Sydney, 1938 / by Sam Hood

As I get older I'm getting more confidence. One of those areas that is gaining confidence is getting up on stage. I use to long to be on stage, but lacked the confidence to actually do it. Since I've been going to my current church, things have changed.

One small step after another, with the guidance from my church family, public speaking has opened up a fun world for me. I've gotten comfortable getting up in front of people and opening my mouth. I've discovered that not only can I do it, but I really enjoy it. Through my life, as I've been influenced by other people, I've allowed people to convince me that I should be scared to be in front of other people. They didn't mean to do it, but their fears were casted on to me. Now, with friends encouraging me these past few years, I've learned otherwise.

I've even acted/danced in a Theater Company production, with no speaking parts. And, maybe one day I'll try out for a speaking roll. But until then, I'll talk to myself in front of my mirror imagining I'm speaking to an auditorium full of people, with really nothing important to say.

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