Saturday Morning Lesson

15 Jan

3 miles this morning in 8 degrees with my good friend, Heidi! It was fun to get out there with a girl friend (no offense Jeff, but you just aren’t a girl.) I was able to keep up for the full 3 mile run, and a brisk pace for myself. I had to throw in a quick prayer here and there for strength to make it, and God was there for me. Again. He’s amazing. But, my thoughts as I was stretching, and trying to get my lungs back was not for God:

‘If I feel this bad after 3 miles, can I really do this?’

I know logically, I’ll get stronger, my lungs will get stronger, and it will come together with time. But, there’s a devil on my shoulder whispering doubts in my ear. So, I sat down with my a devotional bible and read this verse:

And we will receive from him whatever we ask because we obey him and do the things that please him. [1 John 3:22]

I asked God to be there, and he was. I asked God to give me strength to make it through, and he did. He won’t leave me. He’s going to allow me to do this even though it’s going to be painful, and the little devil on my shoulder may always be there, but God is walking next to me, and I can’t forget that.

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