Eyelash Ice

13 Jan

Minnesota is not the most logical winter-running location. But, I love running in the winter. The last time (and only time) I consistently ran in winter time was with a neighbor who wanted to complete a triathlon. She would drag me out of bed and we’d run in the winter in the morning. I actually loved how it would warm me up from the inside.

Last night, my husband and I set out for a small run, and the air was cold! Things went well, I got nice and warm, and I actually enjoyed myself. The snow, though, was a little irritating. Running on a snow-covered dirt road is about the same as running in sand. I was relieved when we made it back to the main road and I stopped feeling like I was losing ground as I ran.

What made it most memorable was about 3/4 of the way through the run when my eyelashes got a thick enough coating of icy-snow on them that I had to start brushing them off so I could see. I haven’t experienced freezing eyelashes since my college years in the UP of Michigan.

This isn't me, but quite the amount of eyelash ice!

The run was fun, actually. And, I survived, with the help of Jeff my coach, and God my strength, I may be able to make it another mile next time.  Thanks guys for being there for me.

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